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Colorful Events, Colorful Spaces

Colorful Events, Colorful Spaces

Published on: 03 Aug 2023 3 min read

Sun, sea, mountain tops and fir trees. Lush green forests and sizzling golden beaches.

It’s what August is all about, really. Enjoying nature, good weather and off to new adventures – be it trying a new coffee place or a holiday trip.

Colorful Events, Colorful Spaces

A splash of color and a dash of fun

It’s so easy to enjoy the warm summer days with the blissful sunny weather. Especially in good company over cool refreshments and bright conversation.

Traditionally, the rest area and terrace in our Sofia office are the exact place for that.

But how can we make the space…more summer-y?  🤔 With a pop of color, of course!

For the summer we refashioned our terrace to resemble a little beach getaway. We might be far from the seaside, but in a way in spirit – we are there. Of course, on the days when we are not looking for a good excuse to pay our Varna or Burgas offices a visit.  


Kamen Del – what a spell!

Sunset chasing team reporting for duty! 🌄👋

Our colleagues escaped the summer Sofia heat with a hike to Kamen Del to catch the sunset and some stunning views.

A team that hikes together – thrives together. 💙


Nikola Tsolov at Spa-Francorchamps

What a rollercoaster of a racing weekend!

Watching the action at the iconic Spa racetrack is always a treat, but with the moody weather it was even more so.

A lot of gambles had to be taken strategy-wise but one thing was certain – Nikola showed great progress and amazing pace.

His qualifying times were astonishing, and his race craft is improving with every race.

We are so immensely proud of Nikola’s hard work and we are sure that soon he will be taking his rightful spot – scoring points and celebrating on the podium.


Simple. Powerful. Valuable.

We stand by our design and our design stands by us. Check out the story behind the visualization of our core values and how they came to life in one of our latest blog posts.


No matter the mile, always working with style

Work from here, work from there – work from eeeeeeeverywhere!

We love our offices, but we also love having the freedom to be able to work outside of them. So, we’ve asked our colleagues to share their workstations for the day, and they have been sharing some wonderful views!

Here are a few of them 👇

Merve’s workstation

Rosi’s workstation

Zubeyir’s workstation


Tech Savvy Talks Live: What’s next?

Tech Savvy Live in Plovdiv

We are working hard on our autumn editions, and we can assure you that they are all filled with intriguing topics and captivating speakers.

So here is a little inside info to our fellow ScaleVibes subscribers.

You can expect us in Varna, Burgas, Skopje, Plovdiv and Sofia from September to November!

As the dates are all set, all you need to do is follow us on our socials and Eventbrite to sign up for an event near you!

About the Author:

Mariya Kamarashka, Social Media Manager

Mariya Kamarashka

Communications Manager

Sugar, Spice and Everything nice – these were the ingredients chosen when Mariya seeks inspiration for her articles. With a solid esports and gaming background, she always finds colors, playfulness and joy in everyday life. Fun fact? She has them. Not only about Sesame Street or new technology.

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