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From Surveying to Software: Georgi's Inspiring Journey in Tech Education

From Surveying to Software: Georgi's Inspiring Journey in Tech Education

Published on: 24 May 2024 5 min read

Meet Georgi Karagogov – Technology Team Lead at Scalefocus and a teacher at the Vocational School of Coding and Innovations in Burgas.

His journey into IT was not quite straightforward – before diving headfirst into the world of code, his career path started with Surveying and Geospatial Technologies. In 2016, driven by the changing industry environment, he decided to make the change thanks to his can-do attitude.

Georgi’s proactive nature helped him to quickly advance by working on personal projects and startups. That not only honed his skills, but also gave him a deep understanding of the whole process – from building the software itself (full-stack development) to getting it out there (marketing). He even dabbled in open-source projects, broadening his skillset, turning him into a well-rounded professional.

Embracing Education

Georgi took on the path of teaching in 2022 when he collaborated with the Vocational School of Coding and Innovations in Burgas – the school had selected students to take part in an internship at Scalefocus’ Burgas office. While we provided the environment, Georgi took on the role of their mentor – managing the interns

and guiding them through the process of developing a project. This experience, coupled with his proactive approach to learning and teaching, laid the foundation for his current role at the high school – this time in the classroom, teaching the 12th grade.

A Different Approach to Teaching

Georgi’s teaching style is anything but boring. Heading the Software Engineering and Web Development class, he adopted a dynamic and interactive tutoring style. He developed a comprehensive program covering the entire project development process – from the business side of things to the technical implementation and marketing. That comes with an online hub to host documentation and resources, promoting a freer, more collaborative learning environment.

Georgi’s research and approach ensured that his curriculum filled gaps left by traditional software engineering programs – focusing on core concepts like business architecture, design, implementation, and testing, addressing often-overlooked aspects such as developer experience and industry standards.

In the second school term, the focus is shifted to web development, where students put their skills and knowledge into action by building projects from scratch. However, school requirements for grades and exams introduced some challenges, particularly during the practice-heavy second term.

Practical and Engaging Workshops

Georgi’s workshops were designed to be engaging and hands-on, moving away from traditional classroom formats. One memorable workshop involved a Christmas-themed project where students filled the backend to light up a Christmas tree, integrating design patterns and theoretical concepts into practical training. These workshops not only enhanced student engagement but also fostered teamwork and holiday spirits.

He also encouraged students to work on projects based on popular systems like Netflix or their favorite shopping websites, promoting a practical understanding of real-world applications. Georgi throws traditional classroom formats like tests out the window, opting for more engaging, hands-on sessions that encourage creativity and thinking outside the box.

With the growing demand and use of AI, Georgi has demonstrated to his students how to best use these newly emerging tools to boost their productivity. He has shown them how they can be used smartly to streamline tasks and generate ideas. However, he has also cautioned that tools like ChatGPT and Google Gemini are not a golden hammer – while they are incredibly useful, real human intelligence and critical thinking are still essential to effectively leverage AI in their work.

Classroom Challenges

There is an art to creating a year-long high school curriculum that would grab the attention of teenagers. It sure is quite the jump from developing a short-term internship experience. Going back to a school environment after years in the industry was definitely an adjustment, but Georgi embraced it as a rewarding challenge and wouldn’t have it any other way. He sees it as a chance to give back to the community and prepare the next generation for the exciting world of IT.

Personal and Professional Growth

Georgi’s journey into education is a testament to his adaptability and love of learning. His lectures and workshops extend beyond the classroom and engage even non-programmers – making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable. His innovative and practical teaching methods have made a lasting impact on his students, helping them prepare for the future. We couldn’t be more proud!

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