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Get to Know Binis and His Tips for Becoming a Mindful System Architect and Much More

Get to Know Binis and His Tips for Becoming a Mindful System Architect and Much More

Published on: 14 Jun 2023 4 min read

Stanislav has been part of the company for a long time and is one of our most experienced Java colleagues – with nearly 20 years in the field. His expertise extends to various technologies. His motto is “KISS – Keep it simple stupid” because experience has taught him that there is no need to waste time in unnecessary process complications.

About your individual and team honors

Currently, I am the driver of our internal initiative, which aims to facilitate the development of applications. The ability to optimize processes is the primary quality that helped me get this role.

In nature, I am collaborative and responsive and this is known to anyone who needs advice.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

I do code.

About your professional skills

My personal qualities form the foundation of my professional attributes. The main ones are persistence, calmness, and the ability to learn quickly. Combine what you know with the practices you have already established, and you get the foundation of how to be good at your job. Computers have fascinated me since I was a child. They quickly became a hobby, and in my teenage years, I listened to the advice of Mr Confucius and realized that I could turn my hobby into a job to generate funds to develop… my hobby.

About your working routine

I don’t have a specific routine that I follow. My work is intellectual, not technical, and I know no fixed working hours or days of the week. When I have a problem, I can’t let it go until I solve it. If a specific problem excites me, I don’t sleep. I often use part of the weekends and holidays as a convenient time to get work done without distractions, such as emails or work meetings.

About your projects and challenges

Currently, I am building a set of tools that aim to save developers a lot of redundant code writing. The challenge is to convince people that these tools are worth using because they save time and resources.

About the programming languages

Programming languages are simply tools. I use the one that is most convenient for the particular task I am working on at the moment.

About supporting the others

My chat client is always open and available for anyone who needs help, advice, or expertise. One of the best moments of teamwork is when we solve someone’s work problem over a few beers.

About participating in company initiatives

I participate in initiatives that “satisfy” my need for communication with the people around me, allowing me to get to know their natural essence or to challenge them in some way. Sitting down with colleagues for a drink is always a good idea.

About the choices: Android or iOS?

Android. I always disliked the whole concept of Apple software. They have wonderful features, but when it comes to the full package – no, thanks. I only need to open the Finder and I immediately remember why I crossed out Apple.

About whom you are

I am an introvert and a calm person who enjoys his personal space, which has taught me to respect that of others as well. I don’t enjoy being the center of attention, but am interested and knowledgeable in different fields and topics. This allows me to participate in any conversation and to fit into any company if it is of interest to me. Throughout my life, I have cultivated a pleasant and fun personality, or at least that’s what my friends think (but most of them are software developers, so their opinion may be subjective).

About your hobbies

I turn anything that challenges me intellectually into a hobby. Writing code is a hobby. Reading books is a hobby. Gaming is a hobby. “Handling” hardware – also a hobby. I try to play sports, but this is not a hobby because my body’s capabilities are limited.

About fun & music

I do enjoy listening to Metal, in most of its varieties. My musical preferences are also inspired by my preferred ways of entertainment – concerts and festivals.

Recently, I have also been adding trips with family and friends to the list of things which entertain me.

About the gaming

Gaming is central to my life (apologies to my wife). I owe much of my reverse engineering skills to gaming. I have put in a serious effort in getting good at that – as in anything that captivates my imagination.

I regularly play and win matches with world champions in Hearthstone. I have held world records in World of Warcraft. Currently, I have focused on the PlayStation because the games I play on it require less time.


About your style

If there is a style called “comfortable”, then this is mine. I am not particularly concerned about appearance. I try to look good for myself and others, but the most important thing is my comfort. My wardrobe consists mainly of clothes that are somehow related to the things I like, such as music, games, books, or movies. If I had to define myself with some modern classification, I would enter the geek column.

About the Author:

Anna-Mariya Yordanova Content Specialist

Anna-Mariya Yordanova

Content Specialist

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