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How Ivan Dimitrov – a Pre-Sales Senior System Architect Breaks the Boundaries

How Ivan Dimitrov – a Pre-Sales Senior System Architect Breaks the Boundaries

Published on: 06 Jul 2023 3 min read

Ivan Dimitrov is a Pre-Sales Senior System Architect at Scalefocus. He likes teamwork and casual conversations during breaks. Ivan possesses inexhaustible curiosity and somewhat positive pedantry.

How Ivan Dimitrov - a Pre-Sales Senior System Architect Breaks the Boundaries

On his mission

My role is key when the company starts engaging with new large and significant accounts where we have complex tasks to solve.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Laying solid foundations.

About your professional skills

If I had to use a few words, they would be ‘inexhaustible curiosity and somewhat positive pedantry’. I only focus on routine tasks if I aim to do better than necessary. I like diversity, which provokes me to explore new fields.

About your working routine

The day starts with… coffee. Well-extracted coffee mixed with properly frothed milk makes a perfect start to even a rather challenging day. Then comes the most annoying part – putting aside the small tasks like reviewing and sorting unread correspondence and filling out quick inquiries of any kind, so that the day can continue with planning of the main tasks. Then I am ready to fully immerse myself in execution.

About your projects and challenges

The problems we solve are very different but are mainly in the domain of system architecture. The biggest challenge is the blurred boundaries between business analysis on the one hand and software architecture on the other. I often have to enter into less familiar waters, which pushes me to constantly learn new things.

How Ivan Dimitrov - a Pre-Sales Senior System Architect Breaks the Boundaries

About the programming languages

I’ve used various programming languages and environments but have most experience in C++. More recently, I have started turning to Python.

About his preference: Android or iOS?

I am generally an Android enthusiast, but lately I’ve been feeling more and more tempted to switch to the “dark side”. I don’t particularly like the idea of being told what’s good for me by a specific company, even if it is Apple. But at the same time, I also think iOS is the better choice for people willing to pay the price for a device without investing the time to set it up the best way.

About supporting the others

This is the best part about working in a large company. It is always a pleasure to contribute, even in a small way, to someone else’s development, without the drawbacks of formal training.

About whom you are

I like teamwork and casual conversations during breaks. I’ll admit that I may not always be the easiest person to engage with in work disputes, but in most cases, this leads to finding common ground and reaching a consensus on a specific topic.

About your hobbies

One of the downsides of turning a hobby into a job is that it stops being a hobby. Still, I have successfully maintained photography and electronics as hobbies.

About fun & music

I like rock music, but I prefer something more relaxed in a work environment, such as jazz.

About gaming

I’ve never had the patience to get down to playing for real. In the past, when I had enough free time, I preferred to watch skilled players from the sidelines.

About your style

I lean towards a smart/casual dress code which is comfortable and sporty.

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Anna-Mariya Yordanova Content Specialist

Anna-Mariya Yordanova

Content Specialist

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