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Abundance of Joy and Gratitude

Abundance of Joy and Gratitude

Published on: 01 Mar 2024 3 min read

February was an exciting month for us, as we have dedicated it to our very essence – innovation!

But more on that a few scrolls down. First, we’d like to wish you a…

Happy Grandma March from our offices in Bulgaria!

On the 1st of March we celebrate the arrival of warmer and brighter days after the winter season by exchanging “martenitsi” – bracelets and other small adornments made of red and white threads. They symbolize good health and prosperity – red for life and white for purity.

As for “Grandma March” – she is a feisty little old lady, whose character is best described with the swift weather changes during the month.

This year we are partnering again with the МАЙКО МИЛА foundation and their cause Оле Мале for the occasion.

The main goal of the foundation is to help mothers of children with disabilities to work and support themselves. They are the ones who have crafted the gorgeous martenitsas that our colleagues received as a gift and also had the chance to purchase additional ones for their families at our Bulgarian offices.

The amount from each purchase goes directly to the foundation, supporting these brave real-life heroes. 🤍❤️

Nikola Tsolov behind the wheel for his second F3 season

We’ve always been immensely proud of Nikola Tsolov and it’s been an honor to support his racing career way back from his karting days. In 2023 he became the first Bulgarian driver in Formula 3 and the third youngest pilot in the world to score points in his debut season at the age of 16.

The year before in 2022 he won the Spanish Formula 4, where he achieved 13 victories, 18 podiums and 17 fastest laps out of a total of 21 race starts, bagging a record-breaking 400 points. Nikola is also the first chosen pilot to be supported in his career by A14 Management, the newly formed management company of Formula 1 legend Fernando Alonso.

We are absolutely sure that there are even more great things ahead for him and we are honored to be a part of his journey to Formula 1.

The Formula 3 weekend is upon us and we can’t wait to see Nikola race!

Innovation Month at Scalefocus

The whole month of February was devoted to one of our favorite things – innovation!  The innovative way of thinking has always been a huge part of everyone at the company thanks to our never settle attitude.

“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” — David Ogilvy

So, during the whole month we had fun, experimented, shared and created!

From insightful talks and helpful trainings to workshops filled with laughter and inspired ideas in all of our 7 locations.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that took part in our special month and contributed with their ideas, energy and zest.

AI writing our code. Real experience. Real opportunities. Real data.

Missed the second episode of our Tech Savvy Live Podcast? No worries, it’s all on YouTube!

Embark on an extraordinary AI Coding Expedition with our CTO, Krasimir Kostadinov and our .NET Technology Manager Tsvetan Smardanski. Navigate the cutting-edge realm of AI-assisted coding, spotlighting GitHub Copilot’s revolutionary impact on software development with real-life projects and data.

Embedded Finance Explained: Definition Plus Examples

Nowadays, companies are constantly seeking new ways to improve customer experiences and simplify financial transactions. Embedded finance, also sometimes referred to as embedded banking, is transforming the financial industry.

This model integrates services, such as lending, payment processing, insurance, and investments, into non-financial products and services. It provides consumers with a seamless and convenient way to manage their finances.

Our dedicated blog article explains embedded finance, its forms, and what’s in store for the embedded finance market, so head over there and have a read.

About the Author:

Mariya Kamarashka, Social Media Manager

Mariya Kamarashka

Social Media Manager

Sugar, Spice and Everything nice – these were the ingredients chosen when Mariya seeks inspiration for her articles. With a solid esports and gaming background, she always finds colors, playfulness and joy in everyday life. Fun fact? She has them. Not only about Sesame Street or new technology.

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