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Rise & Shine with Ivan Luytskanov, Front-End Technology Team Lead

Rise & Shine with Ivan Luytskanov, Front-End Technology Team Lead

Published on: 28 Jun 2023 5 min read

Ivan Lyutskanov is the head of one of the front-end technology teams at Scalefocus. He devotes much time and attention to catching up with his technical skills. It’s equally important to him to make sure he is up to date for his role, and to be valuable to his colleagues. He has been in the IT industry for a short period of time only, but he has demonstrated impressive results. The three words his colleagues use to describe him are “Jack of all trades”.

Rise & Shine with Ivan Luytskanov, Front-End Technology Team Lead at Scalefocus

About your professional skills

I am strongly oriented towards working with people and working in a team. I have extensive knowledge and experience in web development, working with various technologies. I am also interested in managing 2D/3D visualizations, creating drawing and animations in the browser, and using web technologies to process and graphically visualize data.

About your individual and team honours

As someone who switched careers, I have made remarkable progress both in my work and in my professional technological development. Before I started programming, I worked as an accountant and financial auditor, which helped me build solid managerial skills. You now understand why I am dedicated and committed to growth.

I made a complete career change after working for many years in a very different field, and I believe my experience could serve as an inspiration to anyone who doubts themselves – there is always a way, and it’s never too late to pursue your goals.

Rise & Shine with Ivan Luytskanov, Front-End Technology Team Lead at Scalefocus

About your working routine

I like getting up early, even before more people are awake. This part of the day is vital to me, and I value it very much. I use this time to meditate, practice self-reflection, exercise, or read while drinking coffee before heading to the office.

During the morning hours, I usually concentrate on the day’s most important tasks, and things can get quite busy.

After lunch, my focus shifts more towards collaboration, meetings and communication. In between meetings, I relax with my colleagues over a cup of coffee or engage in contested dart games.

About your projects and challenges

The project I’ve been working on for over 2 years now is truly exciting. It is probably one of the most interesting things I have done in my career. It involves developing a series of resource management solutions for the energy sector, which is unlike anything else available  on the market. Our team faces new challenges every day, and the solutions we implement for the business are unique. The selection of technologies and architecture is precise, as we have to remain fully flexible and adaptable to the dynamic and frequently changing requirements  of the product development and its testing.

About the programming languages

Early in my career, I used mostly PHP and some Python, but my specialty has always been JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Rise & Shine with Ivan Luytskanov, Front-End Technology Team Lead at Scalefocus

About supporting the others

Working with people is one of the most satisfying aspects of my role as a Team Lead. This has always charged me positively and motivated me to learn and develop myself even more.

About the choices: Android or iOS?

I’ve been using mobile smart devices since 2005, trying out almost every OS that has been released. After resisting the switch to iOS for years, I finally made the leap and haven’t regretted it. The reason is simple – UX.

About participating in company initiatives

Most recently, I was featured in IT Beards. This is a charity initiative of the company that supports the Movember movement. Other than that, I mainly participate in training initiatives, lectures, workshops, and mentoring programs. Before joining Scalefocus, I co-founded a software academy. Currently, I’m working with several colleagues on building an internal technology blog/newsletter.

Rise & Shine with Ivan Luytskanov, Front-End Technology Team Lead at Scalefocus

About whom you are

I have a background in finance with almost 9 years of experience in the field, but I have always been strongly attracted by technology and design. One of the best decisions I made in my life was to pursue this passion. I like to learn, experiment, and share my knowledge and experience. The topics that excite me outside of work are personal development and financial investments.

About your hobbies

I ride a motorcycle, snowboard, surf and engage in other outdoor activities that allow me to connect with nature. I love the mountains but can’t live without seeing the sea. I also like to travel, but who doesn’t, right?

About fun & music

I do enjoy different styles but listen mainly to electronic music. I plan to visit a lot of parties and festivals in the summer.

Rise & Shine with Ivan Luytskanov, Front-End Technology Team Lead at Scalefocus

About the gaming

Although I haven’t been able to pick up joysticks for many years, I’ve recently started to regain my skills thanks to my daughter with whom I play Minecraft. I must admit, it’s quite amusing.

About your style

As you already know, I have been part of a strictly corporate environment for a long period of time, but now it has become quite a challenge for me to go back to wearing formal clothes (especially shoes). I tend to dress comfortably, choosing clothes in lighter colors. I prefer a looser style with a clean-cut designs.

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