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Tech Savvy Talks Live: Embrace the Curiosity

Tech Savvy Talks Live: Embrace the Curiosity

Published on: 01 Sep 2023 5 min read

Our Tech Savvy Talks journey has been a wild one. From an idea that started off over a coffee chat to in-person events with hundreds of attendees, eager to learn more about various exciting technical topics.

Knowledge sharing is a big part of our DNA, so creating a series of community events to showcase that was the most natural thing to do. Presenting the latest trends, discussing the newest innovations, exploring best practices and lessons learnt in our work, gathering around the things that excite us. Most of all – sharing our experience and expertise.

Tech Savvy Talks Live: Embrace the Curiosity

How did it all start?

As a company we love love love knowledge sharing (have we mentioned it before?) and we do it whenever possible – either internally or externally. We were invited to have a speaking session at an IT conference, so we asked our technology managers to pitch in some ideas on what to present.

Tech Savvy Talks Live: Embrace the Curiosity

Our lovely bunch managed to select 10 impressive subjects quite quickly, so an idea started bubbling up – if we have so many things to share, why not create a platform ourselves, where we could cover all of these subjects?

Surely if we could organize 10 topics so quickly, we would have many more up our sleeves!

“I can’t really take credit for the idea behind Tech Savvy Talks. It was created by the immense contagious enthusiasm of our colleagues who came up with so many good ideas in so little time. Well, I can take credit for the name – I am quite proud of that one.” – Katerina Georgieva, Head of Technology Organization at Scalefocus

The first online editions

We launched our first Tech Savvy Talk as an experiment way back in October 2021. Back then we focused on one topic per event with a high intensity, entirely online because of the worldwide pandemic.

“Launching the series with all this positive energy that we had helped us with its popularity, and they quickly gained a lot of interest. We had so many attendees who enjoyed our easygoing format.” – Katerina Georgieva, Head of Technology Organization at Scalefocus

Tech Savvy Talks Live: Embrace the Curiosity

Our colleagues got even more motivated by the turnout, and they started pitching in more and more ideas and topics that they could share.

If you’d like, you can check out our online editions right here on our YouTube channel.

Evolving into live in-person events

Tech Savvy Talks Live: Embrace the Curiosity

As we all slowly came back to our new state of normal it was time to think about gathering all of this Savvy energy in one place. We brainstormed over formats, venues, guest speakers and decided to approach it the old-fashioned way – through trial and error!
Some were in our offices; some were in bars. Some were standalone; some were part of collaborations. Some had a single topic; some were mini conferences.
At the end of the day, they all kept their essence – spending time presenting and listening to compelling topics in a casual environment, followed by laidback discussions and informal networking over treats.

Along the process we met many new faces, rekindled conversations with old ones and overall created a buzz around our shared love of technology.

The editions so far

11 live events so far and going strong, held in some of our delivery locations – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Skopje.

Tech Savvy Talks Live: Embrace the Curiosity

We covered so many topics, related to various technological tracks and not only. We talked about AI, career development, innovations and much, much more. If you’d like to take a more detailed peek – check out our Eventbrite profile.

The riveting topics on the agenda are one thing. The second part of the spell is cast afterwards – when we stay a little while longer to talk to like-minded people who share our passion.

Why do we do it?

In a way, the Tech Savvy Talks initiative was created by the community for the community as its sole purpose is for speakers to share their knowledge, experiences, problems they’ve faced, their lessons learned, solutions and personal insight. All working together towards developing and promoting the IT community. Playing our part, making our contribution – together.

Tech Savvy Talks Live: Embrace the Curiosity

Our Tech Savvy Heroes are so motivated for each edition that it’s sometimes hard to keep their presentations within the time limit. And we are so happy that enthusiasm caught on to others, welcoming guest speakers who share our spirit and drive.

What to expect next?

We are working hard on our next editions we can assure you that they will all be filled with intriguing topics and captivating speakers.

Follow us on our socials and Eventbrite to keep track on events near you!

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Meanwhile we are also slowly making our way to figuring out the origin of the Universe, the number 42 and would we achieve antigravity if we strapped toast on a cat.*


*no cats were harmed while writing this blog post. Can’t say the same for the toast.

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Mariya Kamarashka

Social Media Manager

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