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AI-Powered Solution for Efficient Knowledge Management

AI-Powered Solution
for Efficient Knowledge Management

AI-Powered Solution
for Efficient Knowledge Management

Success Story

In the fast-paced world of software services, the ability to manage knowledge effectively can be the difference between success and stagnation. Scalefocus utilized its deep expertise in AI adoption to engineer a sophisticated AI-driven chatbot solution that works with both static and dynamic data, elevating the operational efficiency of a leading software development provider.

The AI-powered bot enables instant access to the company’s data, policies, and industry know-how and significantly reduces the need for human involvement in operational and non-delivery functions, cutting operating costs.

30% reduction
in internal support requests

Up to 70%
more efficient onboarding

productivity of
software engineers

The Client

Our client is a leading software services provider with a presence that spans across continents. The company delivers cutting-edge software solutions tailored to the unique challenges of diverse industries. From fintech to healthcare and energy & utilities to e-commerce, its diverse solutions are backed by robust engineering teams and deep industry expertise.

The company’s commitment to technology excellence is reflected in its broad portfolio of Fortune 500 companies and dynamic start-ups.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was how to effectively accumulate, manage, and utilize organizational knowledge that often oscillates between being system-bound or residing solely within individuals.

The company needed a versatile AI solution capable of responding to ad hoc queries, accessible through various channels, and designed to scale effortlessly to meet the needs of different organizational levels with varied permissions. It was imperative that all data exchanges were secure, compliant with the corporate policies, and safeguarded against any breaches of sensitive information.


The Solution

Initially, we leveraged the Scalefocus AI Adoption Framework and the information we gathered through the self-assessment AI readiness survey on our website to thoroughly evaluate the organization’s readiness and maturity for AI integration and identify the specific use cases and objectives the client aimed to fulfill.

Following a comprehensive technology audit and user evaluation, we strategically segmented the solution into several core components:

AI Assistant & Knowledge Container  

Our team developed a highly adaptable AI chatbot, designed to scale effortlessly and integrate seamlessly throughout the entire organization. It serves as a knowledge container for the whole organization that can handle both static and dynamic data. The AI chatbot engages with users in private messages over Teams and provides real-time answers to ad hoc requests related to an array of knowledge domains, know-how, company policies, regulations, and compliance frameworks.

As the company has offices in different countries, the AI assistant has contextual awareness, delivering customized responses to employees considering various factors such as local labor regulations, office procedures specific to their location, job position, and other variables. It can provide tailored answers on topics like maternity leaves, business travel policies, HR procedures, time reporting, critical information on preventing security breaches, understanding data leakage protocols, support ticket submissions, guidance on whistleblowing processes, and much more.

AI Mentor  

The AI acts as a senior developer buddy for junior developers. The tool is crafted not only to analyze and generate code and scripts but also to offer constructive feedback related to code performance, sustainability, quality, maintenance, and security, reducing the likelihood of technical debt.

It significantly streamlines the onboarding process for new employees by generating custom tests based on the company’s corporate policies. Following test completion, the chatbot automatically evaluates responses and delivers analytical reports to managers, facilitating a smooth integration of newcomers into the corporate culture and processes.

AI Career & Development Coach  

The AI tool also serves as a comprehensive Career and Development coach, offering employees full access to the suite of Learning & Development (L&D) opportunities within the company. It assists employees in identifying the critical skills and knowledge necessary to advance to the next level within their specific career paths and the strategic direction of the team and company.

Technological Aspects 

The versatile AI tool uses Microsoft Graph API that reads Teams messages as this is the primary communication channel of the client. It can also use any other API, depending on the preferences of the organization. Data pipelines feed the bot regularly with scheduled daily runs tailored to the company’s operational requirements.

When the bot is addressed in Teams, it opens a little interface, prompting users to select from context-specific AI models to obtain tailored responses. To ensure both versatility and cost efficiency, the chatbot operates with a suite of AI models, including various iterations of ChatGPT (versions 3.5 and 4), DALL·E 3 for image processing, and other fine-tuned models to address diverse data processing needs. The strategic use of multiple AI models allows the chatbot to employ more cost-effective options for straightforward inquiries and decompose complex requests for processing sizable datasets, optimizing resource utilization.

One of the most common concerns for any organization is how AI platforms collect user data to further train their LLMs. It raises privacy concerns about proprietary code or sensitive data being publicly exposed. Our AI solution helps to mitigate these risks – the bot proactively detects and blocks requests that reveal sensitive information, personal data, or code to external AI tools. It also creates security reports on a regular basis on what type of information is being shared. A selected tier of users has access to the monitoring capabilities of the AI and can keep track of the flow of information within the organization.

The Results

The AI-driven solution revolutionized knowledge accessibility across the organization, personalized knowledge experience, and improved operational efficiency.

  • 30% reduction in internal support requests

Тhe AI-driven solution significantly improved the accessibility of organizational knowledge and encouraged a self-service mentality in the organization.

  • Increased productivity of software engineers 

With dozens of code reviews, code assessments, code security analyses and research requests
every day

  • Up to 70% more efficient onboarding 

Reducing the time required to integrate newcomers into the company’s culture and processes.

  • Reduced operational costs

The streamlined access to the company’s data, policies, and expertise has reduced the need for human involvement in operational and non-delivery functions, cutting operating costs.

  • Enhanced data privacy and security

The entire solution is engineered to prioritize security, ensuring full compliance with the company’s stringent data protection policies.


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ChatGPT 3.5 & 4
Microsoft Graph API

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