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AI Staffing Bot Enables
Agile Team Building

AI Staffing Bot Enables
Agile Team Building

Success Story

Scalefocus implemented an AI-powered project staffing bot that manages the dynamic landscape
of team staffing using anonymized dynamic data while ensuring seamless integration across various systems.

Unlike traditional data analysis tools, the AI-powered bot facilitates dynamic, real-time interactions with data without the constraints of pre-defined queries or rigid analytical frameworks. With the help of AI, it anticipates staffing requirements for impending projects, ensuring the right talent aligns with the needed skill sets in real-time.

60% faster
processing of project
staffing requests

Agile team


The Client

Our client is a leading software services provider with a presence that spans across continents. The company delivers cutting-edge software solutions tailored to the unique challenges of diverse industries. From fintech to healthcare and energy & utilities to e-commerce, its diverse solutions are backed by robust engineering teams and deep industry expertise.

The company’s commitment to technology excellence is reflected in its broad portfolio of Fortune 500 companies and dynamic start-ups.

The Challenge

The primary challenge lies in navigating the complexity and fluidity of modern data landscapes. Traditional data analysis tools often fall short of providing the flexibility and adaptability required to manage and interpret vast, constantly changing datasets.

The question at hand was how to leverage AI technological advancements to develop a system capable of not only understanding and analyzing data in a flexible manner but also integrating seamlessly with a variety of data systems and workflows.


The Solution

To address these challenges, a novel solution was conceptualized: a conversational AI analytics platform that leverages the capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) and reasoning based on real-time data sets. The platform is designed to interact with users in natural language, allowing them to query data, receive insights, and perform complex data analysis through simple conversational exchanges. This enables users to literally have a conversation with the company’s data. 

The staffing bot is connected to the company’s systems landscape, which includes employee, skills, professional services automation, and availability databases. This integration allows managers to search for the most suitable employees for new or expanding projects based on a range of criteria, such as skill sets, availability, seniority, location, and other factors related to performance, personal preferences, and more. The bot facilitates detailed cross-examination of data to support precise decision-making.

The AI bot provides real-time insights into personnel’s current and future availability. It also creates tailored project teams based on specific or broader requirements. The AI tool can provide information on the staffing resources and their technology expertise. It can select the most senior individuals for critical roles, allowing the examination of staffing data at a granular level. 

As traditional fine-tuning approaches are not feasible when data changes rapidly, our team used a subset of AI and data management methodologies to ensure the solution could handle constantly changing data.

The AI platform uses cutting-edge OpenAI models and is easily integrated with ready-on-premises or API-exposed models.

The Results

The AI-driven solution revolutionized the staffing process, removing the guesswork from staff planning. It enabled agile team formations and provided granular data analysis to management on staff availability without the rigidity of reporting.

  • 60% faster processing of project staffing requests

The AI staffing bot enabled more precise and agile team formations for upcoming projects.

  • Enhanced decision-making

The platform’s ability to understand and analyze data in real-time enables users to receive up-to-the-minute insights, making it an invaluable tool for decision-making.

  • Adaptive data analysis

By leveraging LLMs, the platform can adapt to new data, questions, and analytical requirements, providing a level of flexibility that traditional tools cannot match.


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ChatGPT 3.5 & 4
Microsoft Graph API

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