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Energy & Utilities

Next-Generation Digital Platform for Energy Supply
and Sales

Next-Generation Digital Platform for Energy Supply
and Sales

Success Story

Having invested a significant amount of resources and energy in their digital platform, our client reached a point where they needed an experienced technology partner to bring it to the next level of operational excellence. Scalefocus built a next-generation web-based monitoring and control platform, which enhanced our client’s energy distribution operations and sales processes and increased their end-users’ satisfaction.

25% Reduction in Infrastructure Costs

Faster Time-to-Market for New Features

Enhanced Automated Backup Procedure

The Client

One of the largest European municipal utility companies, our client offers municipal utilities and energy providers the right solutions in the complex energy market, helping them meet their business goals with standardized and highly individualized analysis and consulting services. The company also produces, procures, trades, and distributes energy resources – mainly electricity and gas.

The Solution

Scalefocus performed a Software Development gap analysis with specific areas for improvement for consistent quality control over the development, quality, and infrastructure delivery process.

We created a completely new environment, built from scratch, using CI/CD with automated provisioning in the complex hybrid IT landscape. After the modernization, the most critical business cases are now covered by automated test cases. The test-case management tool in use is quite adept – it can be used to write and execute test scenarios, create test plans, etc. Our teams implemented new microservices architecture, fixed existing old modules of the system, refactored and cleansed the code according to the industry best practices, and automated the processes. The platform went through an extreme makeover that transformed and stabilized the existing application’s landscape to enforce scalability and functionality.

Our team successfully completed:

  • A front-end and back-end solution audit and performance assessment;
  • Custom application development and quality assurance;
  • Application and Business-as-Usual management services;
  • Preparation for real-time data provisioning.


Our technological partnership resulted in a modern next-generation digital platform for energy supply and sales functions. Within a tight deadline, we managed to completely transform the backbone of the client’s existing digital landscape and fully transform one of their most essential business tools – altering it into a next-generation, fully functional, and scalable platform for energy supply and demand and sales operations. We were involved in the entire solution development lifecycle – from requirements gathering to production delivery. At the same time, our teams were simultaneously developing new functionalities and fixing old bugs.

  • 25% reduction in infrastructure management costs;
  • Operational excellence – from an average of 3 major crashes per month to 6 months without any major shortages of the platform;
  • A new environment with automated provisioning;
  • Improved peer code review procedure, enforced by CI/CD;
  • Enhanced automated backup procedure;
  • Faster Bug-fixing / New feature development;
  • Total removal of redundant components and resources optimization.

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

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