April 22, 2019

ScaleFocus to Attend the First SEE Innovation, Technology, and Sourcing Summit


After five successful annual outsourcing conferences organized by the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA), the First Southeast European Innovation, Technology, and Sourcing Summit is a fact. The event is also organized by the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM) and the city of Plovdiv. The target of the Forum is to boost the development of the SEE ITS ecosystem and strengthen the established position of the region as a leading outsourcing destination worldwide. It is going to be a high-profile meeting for senior decision-makers, exchanging ideas and sharing know-how from the different sectors of the outsourcing industry. Strategies and the latest trends and opportunities in the IT, BPO and other target outsourcing sectors will be vastly discussed.

Topics of the 1st SEE Innovation, Technology and Sourcing Summit

  • DareToScale: Innovation, Technology, and Sourcing in SEE
  • Innovate, Transform, Deliver: Future of Technology & Services
  • Industry Growth Fuel: Talent + Education + Technology Shifts
  • Bulgaria and SEE: Value investment destinations

ScaleFocus is a gold partner of the conference


“We are one of the first and most active members of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association. We are also members of BASSCOM and active advocate of the change within the outsourcing and software industries in Bulgaria. In the meantime, we also expand our footprint in the SEE region rapidly. We figured since the two associations are joining forces together we will be very happy to have the chance to work with them and be a Gold sponsor of the event.

We are constantly working to promote both Bulgaria and ScaleFocus as solid Software Engineering and IT Innovations places, so having such events here in Bulgaria gives us the opportunity to continue to stretch the impact of the outsourcing association and strengthen the region’s brand. I believe that Bulgaria is the leader in the high value-added outsourcing services in the region and it is quite normal for us to take a step and make a SEE forum. It will be our pleasure to share our experience in software outsourcing and present our success story with the audience. ”

Metodi Amov | Director Marketing | ScaleFocus

The Conference agenda is really promising and technology oriented. You will be able to listen to and meet with industry leaders and experts, sharing their insides as speakers. Moreover, one of ScaleFocus’ board members Ivaylo Guenov will attend as a speaker in the 3rd panel named “Industry Growth Fuel – Talent, Education, Technology Shifts” and share his valuable insights from his 20+ years of experience in developing Software companies.

Special guests of the summit

Special guests to the Summit are the co-author of the bestseller “The Future of the Professions” Daniel Susskind, a Fellow in Economics at Oxford University and an ex-senior policy adviser in the Cabinet Office of the British Government, as well as Martin Wezowski, Chief Designer and Futurist at SAP, named 1 of 100 most innovative minds in Germany as the “Software visionary.”

As one of the first members of BOA and the Leading Software Engineering Company from Bulgaria, ScaleFocus’ aim is to change the industry perceptions from the old-school staff augmentation outsourcing services to the high added value services industry that it has actually become now. With its 700+ full-time experienced professionals, headquartered in Sofia (Bulgaria) and having offices in London (UK), Zurich (Switzerland), Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas (Bulgaria), and Munich (Germany), ScaleFocus now is one of the strongest regional players in the outsourcing industry. After 7 dynamic years, the company has more than 200+ customers from across the world, more than 300+ successfully completed projects, and more than 100+ industry awards.

Come and join us in the first SEE Innovation, Technology, and Sourcing Summit. Let’s meet in Plovdiv and discuss bold and growth ideas. Look forward to meeting you there and put the foundations of strong partnerships.