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Knowledge Sharing is Caring

Knowledge Sharing is Caring

Published on: 05 May 2023 4 min read

The pop of spring gave a start to one of our favorite things – sharing knowledge with the IT community!

Tech Savvy Talks Live in Varna

Our Tech Savvy Talks are back! First stop was Varna, where we selected 3 fascinating topics to share:

Nikolay Shekerov talked about SoundVision – an innovation that increases visually impaired people’s independence and quality of life. Nikolay shared the story of how the idea came to life in a Scalefocus company hackathon and later bagged the first ever Grand Stevie® award in Bulgaria.

Boiko Prodanov cracked open one of the most discussed topics recently – Artificial Intelligence, its future and do we need to look for a new job. Don’t worry though, Boiko shared that we shouldn’t be afraid of new technology but rather be creative in the ways we can use AI to help us in our various daily tasks.

Krasimir Tsonev closed off the event by sharing his valuable experience and his career path – with the right motivation and strong will you can achieve a lot in your professional journey. Mostly thanks to the question “Well, why not?”.

All three presentations provided plenty of food for thought, discussion and questions, with everyone able to take something away.

You wanna feel the savviness? Keep an eye on (and follow) our Eventbrite profile!

Data Talks Skopje

Nikola, who is a Data Engineer at Scalefocus with more than 10 years of experience, had a detailed presentation on DAGs – Directed Acyclic Graphs.

The insightful talk not only explained the theoretical mechanism behind DAGs, but also showcased examples of their practical application.

Thank you, Nikola! 👏

Energy Tech Summit Warsaw

Dafar Shaban and Aleksandra Pivovarchik attended Energy Tech Summit Warsaw.

Dafar took part in the ’How can we track green energy consumption around the clock?’ panel alongside Håkan Ludvigson (Eliq), Alexander Hain (EWE AG), and Moritz Engelmann (

Dafar shared our experience in decarbonization projects – the optimization of the supply chain in the automotive industry and decarbonizing the internet, which is a big contributor to gas emissions. With Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, the optimization of energy consumption is essential. 

If you want to learn more about our expertise in Energy and Utilities – you can have a look here.

Gearing up for Spring

Oh, don’t mind Nikola, he’s just gotten his spring ScaleUp* swag.  He’s ready for BBQs, picnics and cocktail competitions!

*ScaleUp is our internal recognition system. We give points and some pretty cool badges to colleagues which we use to get Scalefocus merch.


Java Days Istanbul

Join us on the 6th of May at Java Day Istanbul – Software Developer Conference for a chance to win a PS5! 👾

Visit the Scalefocus booth, say hi to our team and fill in a participation card. At exactly 5PM we will draw one lucky winner who will take home a PlayStation 5!

But no worries, that is not all – we have prepared some more surprises 👀

So don’t be shy – stop by and say hi 👋

We will also have a presentation during the event!

🎙️ Software Architect role or title?  – by Emre Akis

Description: Nowadays, while there is still high demand for software architects in traditional teams, autonomous units usually prefer software architecture independence. Therefore, company/team-based unique team structures come up with different solutions for different software architectural needs. Many roles and titles are all over the place when they need a common foundation for some software architecture-related topics.

This talk will try to cover some key issues as well as the pros/cons of having an architect when creating a product. #jdi23 #javadayistanbul

Remotion Fest Burgas

Our Burgas Site Lead and Technology Manager Tsvetan Smardanski will also be speaking at Remotion Fest Burgas on Remote Ethics. Tsvetan has spent most of his time working with teams from far, far away and he’s learned the challenge of having an organized distributed team. Don’t worry though, that is easily solved by following a few simple rules.

Learn more about the Fest here.

About the Author:

Mariya Kamarashka, Social Media Manager

Sugar, Spice and Everything nice – these were the ingredients chosen when Mariya seeks inspiration for her articles. With a solid esports and gaming background, she always finds colors, playfulness and joy in everyday life. Fun fact? She has them. Not only about Sesame Street or new technology.

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