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Outsourced Software Development for Healthcare

Outsourced Software Development for Healthcare

Published on: 01 Jul 2022 6 min read

Businesses have been outsourcing software development for decades, and the healthcare industry is no exception. As stated in a recent survey by Deloitte, cost reduction might be the most obvious, but not the only factor for this. 

Outsourced Software Development for Healthcare

In-house teams offer less flexibility and are harder to scale up and down when necessary. On the other hand, working with remote development centers gives access to a broader talent pool and state-of-the-art coding and project management tools that accelerate time to market.

IT outsourcing to areas like Eastern Europe and especially the EU members like Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, or the Czech Republic combines cost reduction with EU legislation, better transparency, and predictability of the market. Scalefocus is among the companies that prove that the region’s rise in popularity is a trend that is here to stay for all the right reasons.

Outsourcing objectives


The Scalefocus Solutions

Scalefocus designs custom solutions that scale and digitalize our partners’ businesses. We leverage modern technologies to bring healthcare organizations to the forefront of HealthTech and overcome the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Our remote software development centers redefine the telehealth experience by providing end-to-end platform development, including IPR, CX, UI, UX, mobile, Data, and AI solutions. by Thus, mobile solutions that emulate the experience of visiting a doctor alter the way patients and healthcare providers communicate and make healthcare safer and more efficient.

The Scalefocus Solutions

End-to-End Product Development

The Scalefocus healthcare industry experts have vast knowledge of the market, so our offshore development centers can build solutions with thorough strategic planning. Identifying the most relevant tools and technologies to integrate into each specific solution accelerates time-to-market and reduces costs. Therefore, tying together pre-built frameworks, customized components, and user-centric design can be instrumental in optimizing resources.

Easy-to-Use Virtual Experience

Telehealth solutions must be easy to use and maintain to optimize digital inclusion. Before the pandemic, the slow evolution of telehealth UI/UX was almost acceptable as it had fewer users, but that is no longer the case. Increasingly accessible technology means intuitive design and simplified functionalities provide flawless consumer experience to all potential consumers regardless of their level of tech-savviness.

Artificial Intelligence Models

AI models and tools like chatbots and automated surveys facilitate patients to resolve issues without the help of a physician or contacting one asap. They collect and use patient interaction data to improve the way they are being serviced.

Scalefocus’s custom solutions increase the efficiency and flexibility, minimize the new features’ time to market, and accelerate the execution of business concepts.

Data Solutions

Healthcare organizations rarely take advantage of available information, thussabotaging their own decision-making in the process. IT outsourcing to experienced remote teams is a viable option as they can offer advanced digital solutions that analyze patient data and present it in a user-friendly way.

Scalefocus uses end-to-end data strategies and tailored transactional databases, as well as Data Analytics tools to enhance patient engagement. Data lakes can be a solid foundation for ML and AI, while Business intelligence solutions allow organizations to make data-driven decisions, empowering patient self-service, better diagnostics, and personalized treatments. We employ ML and AI algorithms to help businesses derive insights from data and facilitate business decision-making.

Legacy Systems Modernization

A centralized view of data from various sources within the organizations is vital for gaining a competitive advantage. However, legacy platforms create data silos that make this impossible, as silos affect the efficiency of analytics and AI that thrive on high quality data. Therefore, processing vast amounts of content inevitably impacts performance and complicates extracting data-driven insights.

Investing in on-premises data architecture is already a thing of the past as cloud-based solutions enable data and insight-driven businesses to get real value and build competitive AI models while alleviating the data integration costs.

The Scalefocus team utilizes a data-driven approach to improve customer experience and increase revenue. The integration of data from different sources enables us to break down silos, that is why rebuilding old systems is paramount for AI and ML innovation.

Cloud Transformation

Healthcare organizations often feel underwhelmed after moving to the cloud. Migration failures can be blamed on poor planning, wrong conceptual decisions, focusing on quick fixes, and delaying the complete restructuring of cloud infrastructure.

At Scalefocus we help businesses to transform their outdated software solutions. We provide project plans and strategic consulting to make sure the overall transition is tailored to our partners’ business models. It is never about just moving everything to the cloud – a cloud strategy must be based on the function of the cloud within the organization. Therefore, we only select cloud apps that accelerate workflow automation and business processes.

Migrate Locked-in Vendor Solutions

Vendor lock-in makes businesses vulnerable to any changes applied by the providers and hampers flexibility in tech infrastructure and operations. They become overly dependent, and breaking free typically means high costs, legal constraints, or technical incompatibilities.

For Scalefocus, moving workloads, applications, and data between platforms should be a repeatable and automated task. We work with clients to assess every component of their IT environment to help them understand what they are buying and the benefits it brings. Our software engineers migrate locked-in vendor solutions, starting with the initial architecture redesign all the way through handover and client training to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of the client’s business.

Read on to learn more about some of our landmark success stories in the field of healthcare.

Scalefocus Success Stories

40% Cost Reduction Via Private Cloud-Based Platform

Leaving behind an entire monolithic solutions system for a single cloud-based microservice platform divided by business domains was always going to be a challenge. And our team certainly rose to it to help our client, a North American next-generation healthcare coordination provider, replace their legacy network for clinical solutions management.

Cost Reduction

Scalefocus developed and deployed a modernized platform that substantially accelerated time to market while reducing cost by 40%. We turned the supposed disadvantage of different time zones in our favor to remain engaged with the project 24/7, so our partners could focus on business development. The finished solution had a tangible impact on their core business and its future development and large-scale growth plans.

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Achieving Two Times Higher Productivity with Fully Redesigned UI/UX

Our client, a European personalized healthcare organization, needed to rearchitect their new software system that expands support for legacy instruments for Tissue Diagnostics (RTD) Advanced Staining. Scalefocus provided architecture, design, and UI development expertise, using the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) methodology that allows implementing Agile, Lean, and DevOps practices at scale.

Rearchitected UX and UI

Our team helped the company overcome the inevitable technology challenges and revamped the client-facing side to comply with the client’s One Company Design policy. The end software product had to live up to the high standards the system users (medical practitioners, lab workers, researchers, and patients) had come to expect from a true HealthTech leader, and it certainly did.

Read Full Case Study


AI models, data solutions, legacy systems modernization, and cloud transformation – these are just a few of the Scalefocus software solutions our North American and Western European partners from the healthcare industry leverage. We have built a reputation as a reliable end-to-end service provider for the past ten years, and our portfolio is the best proof.

Contact us today to discuss your software development projects – we love talking about all things HealthTech!

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