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Scalefocus Wins Prestigious PMO of the Year and Innovative Project of the Year Awards at the 2023 PM Awards

Scalefocus Wins Prestigious PMO of the Year and Innovative Project of the Year Awards at the 2023 PM Awards

Published on: 09 Jun 2023 3 min read

Scalefocus is thrilled to announce that it has been honoured with the highly acclaimed PMO of the Year Award for its exceptional dedication and excellence in project execution and Project of the Year Award for its groundbreaking project, SoundVision.

Scalefocus Wins Prestigious PMO of the Year and Innovative Project of the Year Awards at the 2023 PM Awards

The awards are a testament to Scalefocus’ pursuit of excellence and outstanding results in every project it undertakes and showcases the hard work of the project management team.

“I would be lying if I said that our team didn’t dream of this day. In fact, it has been on our minds ever since Scalefocus gave us the chance to take over the development of the PMO organization in the company three and half years ago. We were few in the beginning, now we have grown both in numbers and in strength and confidence, focused on one main goal – to do everything in the best possible way. I am extremely proud that we have received this recognition.” – Ovanes Kasabyan, Chief Projects Officer at Scalefocus.

The Scalefocus PMO Department has grown nearly three times, investing in honing their skills – learning new techniques and methodologies, receiving certifications and even developing and launching a series of practices for developing their collective project management expertise, know-how, and competencies. Great examples are the PMO Academy, the EXPLORE soft skills program and the Buddies & Mentorship program. This is all an integral part of Scalefocus’ company culture of sharing knowledge and experience.

Receiving the award for Innovative Project of the Year Award for SoundVision is a big testament to the great work and efforts of Scalefocus’ PMO team due to the complexity and vastness of the project.

SoundVision is a cutting-edge hardware and software solution with a comprehensive combination of functions that provides blind and visually impaired people with new means of interaction with the world and is unique to the global healthcare industry.

The device is palm-sized and easy to use. Combined with a mobile application, SoundVision assists users in becoming more active and independent by providing real-time information about the surrounding environment by recognizing nearby objects in order to enhance the user’s level of orientation. SoundVision was created with one goal in mind: to help visually impaired have more independent and active lifestyles.

The idea for the project started from an internal hackathon and grew into an entire operation entirely held at Scalefocus. The team invented, designed and developed the hardware, firmware and software. Good communication and collaboration between the different teams were an essential part of the project’s success, and that is where the PMO Department played a pivotal role.

“SoundVision represents the culmination of our team’s dedication, expertise, and passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering groundbreaking solutions.” said Ovanes Kasabyan, Chief Projects Officer at Scalefocus. “These awards go to everyone from the Scalefocus PMO family – a recognition for every bit and piece of their contribution. A big thank you to everyone and trust that the best is yet to come. We will discover it together.”

The PM Awards, organized by PMI Chapter Bulgaria, are known for their rigorous selection process and high standards, celebrate exceptional project management practices and recognize organizations that demonstrate innovation, efficiency, and outstanding results. Scalefocus’s victory in the PMO of the Year and Innovative Project of the Year categories reinforces the commitment of the company to delivering impactful solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients.

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Mariya Kamarashka, Social Media Manager

Mariya Kamarashka

Social Media Manager

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