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Using Generative AI to Collect and Structure Cybersecurity Posture Data

Using Generative AI to Collect and Structure Cybersecurity Posture Data

Success Story

Using Generative AI, our team helped the client, a cybersecurity consulting company, expand their business capacity and radically changed the way their advisers gather intelligence from data. Our experts developed a platform that cyber consultants use to collect and analyze information as part of their cyber posture gap analysis. It scrapes unstructured data, then contextualizes and structures it using LLMs and NLP. As a result, the client can now gain insights more quickly and perform faster and more tailored gap analyses while providing better targeted incident response recommendations.

Optimized data gathering and annotation

Faster and more targeted gap

Reduced technical

The Client

Our client is a global intelligence and cybersecurity consultancy leader helping organizations stay compliant and build resilience to cybersecurity threats. By providing services in advisory, proactive security and incident response, they enable organizations to understand their cyber risk, improve security controls and recover swiftly from cyber-attacks. The company’s primary advantage is turning information into actionable insights and improving organizations’ overall business robustness.

The Challenge

The client needed a technology partner who would help them improve operations and solutions across their entire enterprise application landscape. The goal was to reduce the technical workload of information gathering, improve overly complex functional and black box testing, optimize cloud infrastructure and ultimately reduce expenses. Our team had to provide architecture consultancy followed by product development and modernization support across the different service areas our client provides: advisory, testing, and incident response.

A main focus within that larger engagement was the development of a platform that cyber consultants would use to collect and analyze data as part of their cybersecurity gap analysis. The goal was to optimize data gathering and annotation as it involves massive amounts of client information dispersed across different systems and coming from non-structured formats. Utilizing Generative AI, the platform would scrape data, contextualize and structure it using Large Language Models (LLMs) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Cyber consultants would then use all of this structured information to prepare a gap analysis, suggest technical and organizational measures and improve incident preparedness protocols for clients.

The Solution

Since the handling of cyber advisory operations relies on comprehensive questionnaires, it’s important the information provided is collected and structured optimally. Our team worked on the client’s platform that utilizes AI so advisers could gather and translate unstructured data into actionable insights.  

The complexity of the project lied in its dual nature. First, our experts set out to co-build the platform itself which contains the automation of the cyber advisory workflows. Second, we had to create case types depending on the different topics (organization, procedures, technical solutions),  and unify the question sets accordingly.  

Implementing AI, we essentially performed backend synthesis via keyword grouping. This was a crucial step in shortening analysis times and optimizing the data-information-knowledge-insights cycle. With the help of Gen-AI our experts enabled the client’s advisers to handle large volumes of data more easily and made it possible for cybersecurity related information to be simplified for better utilization in the analysis process.

The Results 

Our team’s use of generative AI enabled the client to gain insights more quickly, radically changing the way their advisers gather intelligence from data, and the drastic expansion of business capacity thereafter. With the help of the summarization and categorization features of the platform, it is now possible to extract insights from any type of data, unstructured in particular, and then use it according to case-specific goals. This is especially important for achieving faster and more tailored gap analyses for global companies with complex setups of organizational and technical measures varying across different sections, business lines and sites.

As a result of our collaboration, our client’s customers can adopt relevant industry standards and regulations such as GDPR, ISO27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, among others, within tight deadlines ensuring full compliance and business continuity. This reduced risk and increased business robustness due to faster readjustments of systems, process and policies. Similarly, incident response-related operations became quicker and more accurate leading to shorter resolution times. The client’s advisers are now able to provide more targeted incident response recommendations and counter-measures faster and more effectively.


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